Privacy Policy will not offer any information about you to any outside company unless we receive your prior consent. So that we can provide you with the most efficient and enhanced service, we request information about you, since your privacy as a participant in communities and on the Internet is a priority to us.

Information We Gather or Track 
Information on general usage and any optional personal details you provide to us will be used to provide you with enhanced features such as customized content, access to our bulletin boards, participation in chats and the ability to participate in our classifieds sections. The following are details of the information we collect:, collects data so that we may display personalized content to our visitors. Additionally, usage information may be analyzed so that we can judge our system’s performance or execute your customized features. Your computer reaches us via a particular IP, (InternetProtocol), address. This can tell us things like what part of the world you’re connecting from. Or what service provider you are using.

Your browser offers so-called “cookies” which — if you allow their use — store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to any of our sites. Cookies assist us in tracking which of our features you like best. And when you re-visit our classifieds, cookies can enable us to customize our content according to your preferences. However, cookies tell us nothing about you personally unless you specifically give us additional information.

Surveys may ask for contact information or unique identifying information to increase the value of the results. Contests may require contact information or other demographic/personal information in order to determine your eligibility.

Some of the banner ads displayed on our sites are provided by outside companies. These ads may contain cookies. While we use cookies in other parts of our Web site, cookies received with banner ads are collected by our advertisers and we do not have access to this information. Cookies in and of themselves do not contain any personally identifiable information about you.

What We Do with Collected Information
From time to time we extend various offers through our partner companies. These may include news or additional details on their products and services. Your personal preferences or usage history may result in your being offered special screens or products. These offers would be sent via authorized partners only and your personal information is not shared with entities outside of

We produce aggregate reports for advertisers. For example, we tell advertisers how many people saw or clicked on an ad and additionally, how many people saw or clicked on ads in different portions of our service. Where available, we may offer additional information about viewer characteristics. However this does not include personally identifiable information about you or your online usage patterns. Our advertisers allow us to provide our service to you. In return, they need to know how to effectively place their ads to potential customers.

We’ll use your email contact information to provide you with newsletters to which you subscribe, or for similar information we think you may find of interest. However, you can choose to opt out of these mailings. By providing your contact information you will be eligible to acquire user ID’s and passwords that will allow you to participate in our discussion features, including chat and bulletin boards.

Who Can Use Collected Information and How
As mentioned in our “What We Do With Collected Information” section, we provide our advertisers with aggregate reports on advertising activity.
Feedback is used by authorized partners only.

Choosing to Opt Out of Information Collection
We provide visitors the opportunity to opt-out of receiving e-mail from us when we first request registration information from you.

Some personal information is required for registration. However, for specific contests or to enable your participation within our discussion areas, some degree of personal and contact information will be necessary. You can always choose not to receive additional mailings at that time.

Corrections & Updates to Personal Information
Visitors can change or correct information about themselves via online forms which are part of our registration system. If there is a problem with a change being accepted by our system, you may contact us at the email address: Deleting or deactivating your name from our database. Visitors may un-subscribe from newsletters and opt out of various mailings though our Subscription Service on the web site.