Green Procurement Policy
Whenever possible the Proctor Mansion Inn will purchase environmentally sensitive products. We will continue to review new products as they become available for their environmental impact and compliance with our quality standards.  We use green cleaning supplies, guest amenities and are also proud to serve an Organic, Natural and Local extended Hearty New England breakfast for your health and enjoyment. The Proctor Mansion Inn also sources all of the electricity used from renewal sources.

When replacing appliances, the Energy Star Rating will be a required consideration in the final appliance selection. We will upgrade to energy saving and Eco Friendly solutions during routine maintenance activities when possible.

Routine maintenance will also have a focus on energy saving and Eco Friendly goals. These aspects will be a component of the plan for general maintenance activities. As items break or wear out, new efficient fixtures (light bulbs, toilets etc) and appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc) that are Eco Friendly will be used when possible.

Use Reduction Policy
The Proctor Mansion has a Use Reduction Policy where we strive to reduce the energy, water consumption and disposables. In addition to efforts made through our Green Procurement and maintenance, we also ask staff to turn off electronics, lower heat and turn off air conditioners when not in use.

In-room information encourages guests to turn off lights, turn off water when not in use, and lower heat/air conditioners when they leave their room for the day. Guests are offered the opportunity to reuse towels through our Towel Program.

We use Durable Service Items (silver ware, plates, glasses) for our Hearty New England Breakfast. These items are long lasting and not disposable. Recyclable paper ‘To Go’ coffee cups are offered.

Recycling Program
The Proctor Mansion has a donation policy where used linen, furniture and fixtures are given away instead of sent to the landfill.
There are Recycling Bins available for guests to deposit their recyclables.

We provide in-room information on Eco Friendly practices and encourage guest participation. Our staff is trained on our Eco Friendly practices as well.

The Proctor Mansion is a newly green Inn.  We do not pretend to be perfect but will continue to improve and implement eco sensitive practices. We are always open to suggestions for continuous improvement!